Build without Fear

When it comes to protecting my wife and family, I will do anything and go against anybody. In fact, I’ve been known to keep a baseball bat beside my bed. One time we heard a loud crash downstairs and my wife says I flew out of bed, grabbed the bat and was standing in the […]

We – Not Me

One thing I’ve noticed as a parent is that I’ll never have to convince my kids to post a selfie or share information about themselves on Instagram or Twitter. However, I do have to convince them to help out around the house with laundry or yard work. That’s because being self-centered comes naturally to all […]

The First BIVO Church Planter

As we look at the book of 1 Corinthians, I’m reminded again about the influence bivocational pastors can have. Paul worked as a tentmaker in Corinth alongside Priscilla and Aquila (Acts 18) as he helped plant the church there. He spent 18 months with them—his second longest amount of time in any one city. While […]

Gospel Fools

Often God doesn’t do things the way I would do them. Perhaps you feel the same way? The Bible actually says that God’s thoughts and ways trump our thoughts and ways. This is why I love 1 Corinthians 1:10 where Paul says, “I appeal to you, brothers…” God is teaching us to appeal to one […]

House on Fire! House on Fire!

As a pastor, I often act as an emergency responder or firefighter. I get called in when someone’s marriage or life goes up in flames and have to race to the scene. Unfortunately, I often arrive too late because they didn’t call when they first smelled smoke. This weekend at Family Church we’re going to talk […]