How to Fight Right

Whether it’s with family, a significant other, friends or coworkers, we all deal with relationships on some level every day. And one thing that’s inevitable in most relationships is conflict. Whether it’s a dish-smashing, all out screaming match with your spouse or a passive-aggressive standoff with a coworker, we all fight. God wants us to […]

Swimming Upstream: Success

We love the American dream. Ideally, someone who starts with nothing can work hard and become wildly rich and successful. As American Christians, we have it made. We can enjoy spiritual, personal and financial success. It might be hard for us then when we read the Bible and see that our idea of success is […]

Which Criminal Are You?

When Jesus hung on the cross, two others hung with him. One believed that Jesus was who He said He was, the other didn’t. The majority of the people present at the crucifixion – the religious leaders, the soldiers, the crowd – mocked Jesus because at that moment it appeared that Jesus wasn’t really who […]

Swimming Upstream: Gather

God calls Christians to live differently from the rest of the world, but we haven’t always done it in the best ways. Our reputation has suffered over the years because we have come across as being “anti-” so many things. This series is about swimming upstream – going against the current of a culture that has values […]

Jesus Never Quit

Life is hard! Sometimes you just want to quit. This Sunday at Family Church we’re going to look at one of Jesus’ qualities that isn’t talked about as often as some others – His perseverance. Jesus never quit, and neither should we. Webster’s defines perseverance as “the continued effort to do or achieve something despite […]

Opportunities and Desires, Part 4

So far our decision-making matrix includes: the Bible, prayer and the Holy Spirit, and wise counsel. The last factor that plays into our decision is the opportunities and desires we have for our own lives. We want to do God’s will, but we struggle. Often we are scared that if we discover His will, He […]