We’ve Heard Enough

We’ve heard about the movement that birthed what is now known as the Haystack Revival. This movement saw 1,700 people in northern Connecticut repent and believe the gospel in less than 2 years. We’ve heard about the Billy Graham crusades and the millions of people who have responded to the gospel as this great man faithfully […]

Wise Counsel, Part 3

We’ve talked about the importance of the Bible, prayer and the Holy Spirit in making Godly decisions. But sometimes we still feel foggy or unsure. We don’t know if what we’re feeling is actually the Spirit. Then what do we do? I suggest that we then turn to wise counsel. Wise counsel keeps us safe; it […]

Prayer and the Holy Spirit, Part 2

The decision making process can be stressful and frustrating – even more so when you are trying to determine what God wants you to do. The Bible should be our first resource when making decisions. However, the Bible is not our only resource from God. God has also given us the leadership of the Holy […]

The Bible, Part 1

We all need guidance when it comes to making decisions about family, personal life, jobs, education, etc. Not only do we need guidance, we often have to provide guidance for our children, grandchildren, or those younger than us. A clear, well thought out decision-making process will help us—and allow us to help others—make Godly decisions. […]

Dealing with Bitterness

I love the movie Braveheart – the story of William Wallace. It’s a visceral, testosterone-filled movie that shows us something about what it means to be a man. My favorite part of the movie is when Wallace takes revenge on his betrayers. He ambushes them one by one. In a climactic scene, he actually rides […]

Be Baptized

This weekend at Family Church we’re going to be talking about believer’s baptism by immersion. For most people, baptism is a very personal, relational, emotional event. If you grew up in a religious household, your family likely holds to certain time-honored traditions. If you or your children or grandchildren were baptized as young children, that […]