Why Churches Resist Revitalization

Approaching a struggling church about revitalization is tricky. Often, leaders are unable to accept the reality that their church is struggling or unwilling to take the necessary steps to adapt. Even once a church realizes that it’s in decline, the leadership can still resist revitalization for a few reasons: They are suspicious of “carpet baggers” – a […]

No Perfect People Allowed

I have a confession to make, and it may shock you: I’m not perfect. I know I probably just burst a lot of bubbles. But it’s actually a good thing that I’m not perfect because the sermon series we’re launching at Family Church this weekend is titled “No Perfect People Allowed.” Positional Perfection vs. Practical Perfection […]

Hell is For Real

As pastors, we probably deal with death more than the average person. Just this past week I’ve been confronted over and over again with the sobering reality of death in my community. I sat down with the family of an 18-year-old girl who was killed in a car accident, followed the story of two 14-year-old […]

The Devil is For Real

Our culture loves to be scared – we love scary movies, TV shows about zombies, haunted houses, etc. These things can be “fun” because they give us an adrenaline rush. Plus, at the end of the horror movie you can turn it off and go to sleep telling yourself that none of it was real. It’s […]

Build without Fear

When it comes to protecting my wife and family, I will do anything and go against anybody. In fact, I’ve been known to keep a baseball bat beside my bed. One time we heard a loud crash downstairs and my wife says I flew out of bed, grabbed the bat and was standing in the […]